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Recent Events


The Sacred Practice of Sama

On 26 June 2021, MTO Zendeh Delan held its first ever virtual presentation of Sama. The program was well received with us reaching maximum capacity! The program included insights from the MTO Zendeh Delan Sama team, as they shared the realities of practicing Sama during the pandemic.

This virtual presentation delved into the various components of Sama, the motions, the intention and significance of Sama in the practice of Sufism.

The presentation was accompanied by new music from the latest MTO Zendeh Delan album that has yet to be released.


Celebrating World Music Week 2021

In celebration of World Music Day / Fête de la Musique 2021, Zendeh Delan was delighted to be join Faiths In Tune in an online music event on 20 & 21 June 2021!  Zendeh Delan was among international artists and groups representing 13 different religious backgrounds and more than 15 different countries.


New Music


Zendeh Delan® is proud to launch soundtracks for Tamarkoz® and Movazeneh®. The two-part music collection is now available for order. The 63 songs complement the intricate movements and discipline of Tamarkoz. These songs have been composed and arranged to quiet the mind, relax the body and awaken the heart.

We are taking direct orders for the new CD box set, including a limited edition vinyl collection, now!

Awakened Hearts

Love’s Call Beckons All


Zendeh Delan® is an international collaboration between students of MTO Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism® to present the inner dimensions and divine attributes of the human being in the forms of poetry, music, and the harmonious motions of zekr and sama.


Music, Zekr and Sama




The music originates from the ancient modes of Persian classical music, which are said to have been passed down verbally or from “heart to heart” for many centuries. Each mode represents a distinct pure emotion mainly extracted into music at times of deep yearning, fervent love, and spiritual ascent. Zendeh Delan® combines these ancient modes of music with modern beats and melodies to create unique forms of zekr.


Zekr (dhikr) harmonizes the human instrument to the tune of God’s remembrance, to enable closeness to God. If done correctly, zekr frees the seeker from daily distractions, thoughts, fears, and worries by uniting every aspect of their being into the remembrance of God. As taught by Sufi Master, Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha “Zekr is the remembrance of the glorious, unique, everlasting life, the Beloved.”


Sama is the outward manifestation of the spiritual core, where the seeker truly hears, sees and fully experiences the Beloved’s call, not with the physical senses, but from within. The motions of sama show the constant journey, and the constant movement is a reminder of the internal search. The focus and concentration on the movement , music, and words flow from the heart of each individual into the various mediums of the physical faculties, not to present music, nor to perform a dance, but to declare what has been heard from within, “the Beloved’s call of love.”

Experience Zendeh Delan



Experience Zendeh Delan® at home with our music album and DVD.

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