Voyage de l'Amour : Layla et Majnun

Voyage de l'Amour : Layla et Majnun

Journey of Love: Layla & Majnun – Vancouver and Toronto

19 April 2024

Successful Debut: Journey of Love: Layla & Majnun- Vancouver and Toronto!

The six nights scheduled between both cities witnessed sold-out crowds, with enthusiastic attendees travelling from all corners of the globe to experience this remarkable event. The feedback from audiences was nothing short of incredible, with many expressing deep appreciation for the deep spiritual journey offered by MTO Zendeh Delan.

The resonance of traditional and modern Sufi melodies & beats, intertwined with mesmerising Sama created an atmosphere of spiritual elevation and cultural enrichment. As the echoes of this unforgettable experience linger, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to share the transformative power of Sufi music with audiences worldwide.

Huge thanks to the program sponsors, CFSACK, Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge, who made this event possible.