EAVA FM Interview - MTO Zendeh Delan
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EAVA FM Interview

04 March 2021


Musicians from MTO Zendeh Delan were guests on EAVA FM which is a local radio station in Leicester UK, discussing Sufism, Music, and the importance of servicing the community. We enjoyed a wonderful discussion with the host Andreea and were extremely happy to feature in her amazing show “Women in Power”.

EAVA FM’s objective is to socially develop, inform and entertain its niche and diverse community through community radio broadcasting which includes a combination of local news, enterprise, music, information, cultural, faith and educational programmes, all supported by community members, and local stakeholders.

EAVA FM’s philosophy is to broadcast programmes that will be a benefit to all in the community with a view to giving a balanced output targeted to meeting the needs of all, including new migrant communities originating from all over the world.

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